About Us

GSL Export is a non-profit consortium. 

For over 30 years, it has been involved in supporting small and medium-sized Italian enterprises in developing their businesses in international markets.


To date, the group has more than 100 member companies for which it personally manages all export-related operations.


We offer our associates the benefits of a non-profit consortium structure aimed at company internationalization.


We deal with the opening of new commercial outlets, taking care of every stage of Logistics, Distribution and
Promotion of products on the target market on the associate’s behalf.

An Innovative Project

To bring together the best producers of Italian regional specialties,  selecting them based on criteria of excellence.


Offering the best agri-food products with a consortium philosophy aimed at enhancing authentic 100% Italian production.


The goal is to establish a partnership with a local organization to exclusively handle logistics for  the distribution of members' products.


Adding value and prestige to small and medium-sized producers and turning them into stars on the international market thanks to the consortium’s commercial network.






Our Mission

Through the GSL Food division, a solid organization specializing in export operations in both EU and non-
EU markets.


We want to bring the traditional, genuine, and authentic agri-food excellence of local producers from every region of Italy to the tables of the Emirates.


We want to enhance outstanding regional Italian products while complying with quality criteria and the protection of environmental resources and traditions.



Who we are looking for

Producers interested and motivated in having a direct presence on the UAE market, and who have a third-party recognition of their products.


Companies with suitable packaging to meet the regulations in force in the specific country (United Arab Emirates).


Future-oriented companies with a clear ambition for growth aimed at achieving concrete objectives.


Companies wishing to contribute to the development of an ambitious project which can be replicated in other international markets






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